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El Tiempo Promedio

El tiempo en Guatemala hace calor. El tiempo no cambio mucho. Guatemala tiene mucho montañas y volcánes.


El Tiempo Promedio para La Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
La Ciudad de Guatemala está en el sudeste de Guatemala. La temperatura en Guatemala hace mucho calor. El tiempo no cambia mucho. La temperatura se queda entre de 65 °F y 75 °F. Llueve mucho, especialmente entre mayo y octobre, y llueve un promedio de 143 días del año. El clima es muy bueno porque La Ciudad de Guatemala tiene mucho montañas y volcánes. (El Tiempo en La Ciudad de Guatemala)

Picture2.png Picture1.png

El Tiempo Promedio para Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Quetzaltenango está un ciudad en el sudoeste de Guatemala. En Quezaltenango, llueve un poco entre diciembre y febrero, y mucho entre marzo y noviembre. La temperatura hace un poco fresco, y el promedio está 53 °F. Quezaltenango hace un poco fresco porque èl no tiene mucho montañas o volcánes. La temperatura no cambia mucho y es solo un poco estaciòn cambia. (El Tiempo en Quetzaltenango)

q2_precipatation.png q1_temp.png

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General Information

  • The capital city is Guatemala City, or La Ciudad de Guatemala.
  • At 108,900 square km it is approximately the size of Tennessee.
  • About 2/3 of the country has mountains and volcanoes.
  • The currency is the quetzal, and it is divided into 100 centavos.
  • The population is 14.7 million.
  • Crime is very high with things like organized crime and violent street gangs, it is also a major passage way for criminals smuggling drugs from South America to the United States.
  • Over half the population is Mayan, and the Mayan language is spoken along side with Spanish, the official language.
  • Social inequality is a very large feature of Guatemala, and poverty is common for those in rural countryside areas.

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Did you know that in Guatemala, while hailing a taxi, a larger hand motion indicates a larger distance needing to be traveled? Guatemala has many interesting cultural gestures like this, as well as delicious foods, unique greetings, and many different clothing styles.


Some other cultural Guatemalan gestures are that when people greet each other, they wave their hand down and inward. It is considered to be an insult to point a finger or hand at someone. Instead, Guatemalans purse their lips and look in a certain direction to indicate something. People also tend to stand relatively close when speaking to one another.


Most Guatemalans eat 3 meals a day, unless they are poor. A small breakfast is usually eaten in the morning, and the main meal is eaten midday. A light dinner is then eaten around 7 pm. Tortillas are a popular food that is eaten at many meals and also sometimes used for a utensil. Beans are also a popular food as well as coffee and sweetbreads. After a formal meal, the guests thank the host by saying "muchas gracias," and then wait to be offered more food. When offered, it is polite to decline one time and then accept the second helping, and also to completely finish it.



American and European styles are commonly worn in Guatemala, but they also have some cultural clothing of their own. Clothing worn in rural areas often consists of outside dress, such as work boots, large belt buckles, and other western-style clothing. The faja is a very popular item for Guatemalans, a woven belt warn by both genders. Overall, clothing is very important culturally, is often very colorful, and usually describes a person's social status.

A faja.

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Travel Guides

Vuelos (Flights)

  • I will be traveling with Delta Airlines for my flight to Guatemala. I will be departing from MKE in Milwaukee on June 11th, and flying to GUA in Guatemala City, Guatemala.
  • I will also be returning with Delta Airlines and flying from GUA in Guatemala City, Guatemala to MKE in Milwaukee on June 13th.
  • It will cost me a total of $544 for the round trip airline ticket.

  • Link to Airline Reservation: http://www.ebookers.com/shop/airsearch?ar.rt.carriers[1]=&type=air&userRate.price=GBP|419.30&ar.rt.returnSlice.time=Anytime&ar.rt.numAdult=1&ar.rt.numChild=0&_ar.rt.narrowSel=0&search=Search+Flights&ar.rt.child[4]=&ar.rt.child[2]=&ar.rt.leaveSlice.orig.key=MKE&ar.rt.child[0]=&ar.rt.leaveSlice.time=Anytime&ar.rt.child[6]=&ar.rt.carriers[0]=&ar.rt.numSenior=0&ar.rt.returnSlice.date=13%2F06%2F12&ar.rt.narrow=airlines&ar.rt.carriers[2]=&ar.rt.leaveSlice.dest.key=Guatemala&ar.rt.leaveSlice.date=11%2F06%2F12&ar.rt.cabin=C&_ar.rt.nonStop=0&ar.type=roundTrip&ar.rt.child[3]=&ar.rt.child[5]=&ar.rt.child[7]=&ar.rt.child[1]=


Alojamientos (Accomodations)

  • I will be staying at Suites Jardin Imperial at 17-86 Zona 15, Colonia El Maestro in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I will be spending both nights there, checking in on June 11th and checking out on June 13th.
  • This is a beautiful 4 star hotel that is near the airport, so I will be able to get there quickly after my flight arrives.
  • It will cost me a total of $80 to stay both nights.

hotel_room.jpg hotel_front.jpg hotel_back.jpg

Photos of the Hotel

Other Accommodations in the area

This is a beautiful 4.5 star hotel in Guatemala City. The prices range from $99-$148 a night.


If you are looking for a cheaper hotel, than this is a good option. It is a great scenic hotel located near Guatemala City. Prices range from $13 -$45 per night.


Actividades (Activities)

Yo paso mi tiempo en La Ciudad de Guatemala, con mucho of atracciónes a ver.

Yo voy a:

6 calle final zona 10 | Francisco Marroquin University, Guatemala City 01010, Guatemala
-This is a popular art and history museum with many exhibits, a gift shop, and cafe.

5a calle Interior Finca La Aurora | Zona 13, Guatemala City 01013, Guatemala
-This is a very well rated zoo in Guatemala City.

Avenida Petapa 42-36 | Zona 12, Guatemala City 01009, Guatemala
-This is a top rated Amusement park that is located right in the downtown area of Guatemala city.

6 Calle and 7 Ave., Guatemala City, Guatemala
-A grand building that is the home to numerous paintings and sculptures by famous Guatemalan artists.


La Comida (Food)

- A five star dinner restaurant with Mexican and Guatemalan Cuisines. Ranges from $20-$25.


16 calle 4-32 zona 10, Guatemala City 01010, Guatemala
-The perfect pizza place with quality ingredients and freshly oven-baked pizzas. Price ranges from about $5-$20.


10 a Avenida, Zona 14, Guatemala City, Guatemala
-A very nice restaurant with Guatemalan cuisine.


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Interesting Facts about Guatemala

  • The name Guatemala means "land of the trees."
  • Spanish is the main language, but there are also many Mayan languages that greatly vary. In fact, they are so different that two people speaking Mayan languages in the area might not be able to communicate effectively, even though they are technically speaking the same language.
  • One of the scenes in Star Wars: A New Hope was shot in Guatemala in the Tikal National Park. A picture of the area can be seen below:


  • The Quetzal currency is named after the National Bird, the Resplendent Quetzal, which is a unique and rare bird. It is so rare that in the time of the Mayan Empire its tail feathers were actually used as a form of currency.


  • Guatemala is said to have the second highest ranked ozone layer concentration in the world.
  • Guatemala has 252 known wetlands, including 61 lagoons, 100 rivers, 5 lakes, and 3 swamps.
  • Guatemala is the number one poorest country in Latin America.
  • Bananas, coffee, and sugar are the main exports of Guatemala.
  • Tajumulco Volcàn is the highest point in the country of Guatemala at 13,845 ft.

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La Ropa Empacar

Yo necesito llevo muchas ropas para el viaje a La Ciudad de Guatemala. Yo llevo dos camisas, unos pantalones y un traje para el restaurante de etiqueta. Yo tambien llevo unas ropas interiores, los zapatos, las sandalias y los calcetines. Yo tambien llevo unas sandalias morenas y un traje de baño para la natación en el hotel. Yo necesito ir de compras para una chaqueta porque hace un poco fresco en Guatemala.

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